common goldfish – Shout Louder

Tottenham’s common goldfish reveals the sophomore track ‘Shout Louder’ and it’s a single that celebrates self-expression. From the cosmic, groove-laden beginnings on through to the bouncing piano line it captures the euphoric feeling of shared connections you get amongst large groups of people through music, whether it’s at a festival, live gig or club night.

Speaking about the new release, common goldfish shares, “I created the beat using a mix of 90’s break samples. Quite quickly I had the bass line and piano. I’d been watching the “Get Back” documentary, which definitely inspired the vocals and psychedelic guitar sounds. The track was making me think of being outside with friends in the sun, and the lyrics try to capture this.”

“I love the idea of energy flowing through a crowd. It’s completely intangible, but yet there’s nothing more real to everyone in that moment,” shares common goldfish

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