Jank Setup – Mylah

A group that deserves to be at the top of people’s radars to check out, Jank Setup require your full attention, and if their music is anything to go by – that’s exactly what happens from the first note you hear. ‘Mylah’ is taken off their new album, and situated in a funk atmosphere, subtle and complimented by soul fragrances.

Now one of the premier up-and-coming acts of New Orleans, Jank Setup has come a long way from the scrappy, DIY gigs that were their namesake. Inspired by Earth, Wind, & Fire, D’Angelo, and Vulfpeck, Jank Setup’s sound can be likened to a hearty stew of funk and R&B, seasoned with soul, and garnished with jazz. Here with euphoria new single ‘Mylah’, the new release is unforgettably original.

Speaking about their new release, Jank Setup share, “It’s a song about heartbreak, and trying to let go of the past. Luis had written this song years before we all met, and when Kentro heard him riffing on it before a rehearsal, he just started writing.”

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