NiftySax – Shaula

Saxophonist NiftySax announces the release of his latest double album ‘Spheres’. On the LP, listeners will find the ethereal ‘Shaula’ which has been released as an Instagrat along with the track, ‘Proxima Centauri’ on the 28th of January. NiftySax has received support from CLASH Magazine.The classically trained artist established a firm name for himself as Milo Lombardi in the jazz community and has performed throughout Europe. It was during this time that he ran a highly successful crowd-funding campaign which would help him release the Going Nowhere (Enjoying the Ride) LP. More recently, however, we see the artist breaking the mould and creating a solo persona, NiftySax in which he focuses on the saxophone as his only medium.

Speaking of the album, the artist tells us: “After Nifty Sax Genesis, which was the purest form of expression and as such, sometimes quite dissonant, I wanted to create something more accessible. I call Nifty Sax Spheres “collectable music from a higher dimension”. Like Genesis, each piece is a stream of consciousness, but this time channelled towards only one direction: peacefulness. The name of the collection comes from the concept of the music of the spheres, or Musica Universalis. The intent behind the music is to connect myself and the listener to the sound of the cosmos, and to relax and meditate.”

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