NFNR – Dog Rose

Individualist experimental producer NFNR (Neither Famous Nor Rich) has released her latest album, Dog Rose on the 23rd of November 2021 via Corridor Audio. The producer takes us through the album: “The songs on the album are about own transformations and states: about finding inner strength (Chorda), obsession and pursuit of one’s own dreams (Ahab), about the sudden forced calm at the start of the lockdown, which hit everyone (Cards against humanity and Dice2). It also explores us being cruelly made to watch through the window, as spring is gaining momentum, which made me stop and enjoy the delicate rosehip flower from my loved one (Dog Rose). These states were resolved in the composition of Eros Bird – the triumphant pleasure of both being and a sense of unity”.

NFNR explores the temperamentality of the world with flourishes of distorted electronic soundscapes and brushes of industrial tones. Rolling basslines feed the avant-garde creation, strengthening the tumultuous beast of creation with whispers of synth elements and textural notes. The listener will find themselves torn between becoming engulfed in the momentum and eagerly running alongside, begging to keep up.

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