N’famady Kouyaté – Balafò Douma

The first single from N’famady Kouyaté’s debut EP ‘Aros I Fi Yna’ is truly a force to be reckoned with. Rooted in avenues of indie, pop and jazz, the prominent afrobeat style single is certain to get you on your feet. The sort of track that could make a Monday feel like a Friday, this party anthem is a vivid experience.

The title translates as ‘it’s great to be playing balafon’ and represents N’famady’s musical journey, from the power and strength of his family heritage (having been taught the traditional wooden African xylophone – the balafon – as an infant) to wowing audiences in the UK and Ireland on tour with Gruff Rhys. The song was recorded at the legendary Rockfield studios with vocals recorded in Guinea.

‘Aros I Fi Yna’ is a kaleidoscope of vibrant sounds and colours, a mesmerizing and joyous introduction to a truly international artist.

You can find N’famady on Facebook and Twitter.

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