Beorma – Her

If you’ve been following MoggBlog for a while, you’ll know how much I love Birmingham duo Beorma. Released on the last day of July, ‘Her‘ begins with a facetime call notification that may leave your heart missing a bit from who’s calling. When you realise it’s the track, you instantly get caught in the web of the R&B infused contender. A tactical move from the two-piece, the facetime ring-tone is a bold move to draw listeners in and question ‘who’s calling?’, when really, it’s in fact the Birmingham duo with their strongest track to date.

Talking about ‘Her’, Tom had the following to say, “Her is a song that felt like it took forever to finish, I had the core of it sorted and sent it to Ferns quite eraly on in Beorma days, but the structure just never felt right, then at some point Ferns suggested a Prince type guitar solo after the first chorus and it all just fell in place after we put the guitar in there and now it’s one of our favourite songs.”

Ferns added, “Her is probably our most soulful song. I really wanted to just lay it bare on vocals and nothing too fancy, just more about trying to channel raw emotion. Prince is a huge inspiration to me so that’s kinda the vibe I was going for whilst still making it very Beorma emo through the lyrics. I think it’s a really relatable song, we’ve all been through some sort of heartache and it’s never easy, especially not when you’re the cause of it. Her is essentially a soulful breakup.”

You can find Beorma on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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