Eiza Murphy – Bat and Ball

Irish singer-songwriter and producer Eiza Murphy is back with another stunning power-pop single, ‘Bat and Ball’. Playing with the idea of control, misogyny, and dominance in a relationship, ‘Bat and Pall’ is another punchy, alt-pop single that comes across as striking and a bold move. An empowering number that brings layers of fearless energy to the table, this songwriter is stating she’s a form one-to-watch for 2021.

Eiza explains, “I think in every relationship (not just romantic) there’s a power play going on. One person always seems to be more in control, even if it’s barely noticeable. I played with the idea of that dominance being shared in ‘Bat and Ball’ because I think it should be.”

Unapologetic and radiating a fearless attitude, Eiza Murphy’s ‘Bat and Ball’ is a distinctive track that can take on the world.

Follow Eiza Murphy on Instagram and Twitter.

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