Rosie Bans – Inside of You, There’s a Universe

Sensational Scottish singer-songwriter and producer Rosie Bans is a powerful artist that deserves to be a household name. Back with her first release in four years, ‘Inside of You, There’s a Universe‘ explores issues of empowerment and separateness within romantic relationships. Embracing self-love, self-worth and self-reliance, this track tells listeners to always believe in themselves. Having only been out in the world for two days, the track is already receiving praise from fans across the country.

Rosie comments on the song as reflective of her own experiences, “I realised after years of codependent relationships that I was the common denominator in my self-sabotaging timeline. Another person can come into your life and with them bring a whole other world. Ultimately we must respect that we are all totally separate and different people. No matter how much we feel we ‘need’ a partner or partners, it’s just not true.”

Entering with a stunning piano motif, the ethereal production creates a safe haven and a new dimension for listeners to bury their souls into. As for Rosie’s bewitching vocals, they always exceed expectations. If you’re new to the world of Rosie Bans, I highly recommend you also check out her album ‘Identify Yourself’, which came out in 2017, and has stayed with me ever-since.

Taken from Rosie’s forthcoming EP, ‘Inside of You, There’s a Universe’ is a moving piece of art that will leave you reflecting your life.

Photo Credit: Matt Lygate

Follow the Glasgow star on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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