Beorma – Drown

Birmingham based duo Beorma release ‘Drown‘ – taken from their recently released debut EP, ‘Virtual Emotionality’. Managed by Indie Midlands, the indie-pop outfit are inspired also by the iconic sound of R&B. “Drown” is an intimate number that explains struggling with mental health, and how when times are tough, they can be really dark. A powerful number that will sadly be relatable for many people out there, ‘Drown’ fits perfectly on Beorma’s honest new EP.

Talking about ‘Drown’ Tom had the following to say, ”’Drown’ was one of those songs that just kinda came out of nowhere and from start to finish only took me around an hour to write and record, it all just kind of spilled out of me was a very weird experience. I have struggled with anxiety for a long time now and I am fortunate in all honesty that 99% of the time I manage it and feel okay but when I have a bad day, it’s a bad day. It’s probably obvious that I wrote this song on a bad day.”

Fern continued, “’Drown’ is about being in a frail state of mind, it’s about wanting to just drown and disappear but also wanting to be seen and helped. It’s conflicting sides of someone who’s really struggling with their mental health, a part of you wants to cry out for help but then on the other hand you’re scared to become a burden, to have to be vulnerable and rely on someone else to help you because you can’t do it on your own.

When Tom sent me the track it immediately struck me. Being diagnosed with ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ I could really relate to what he was saying and I knew other people deserved to hear that track so they know they’re not alone in the feeling of drowning when everyone else around you seems to be floating just fine.

Beorma are real and making the Birmingham scene so proud.

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