Monitors – The War Office

Based in mainland Europe, Monitors combine talent from Liverpool, Bihać and Paris to deliver their multi-cultural, distinctive sound. Having recently joining Manchester based label AnalogueTrash at the start of this year, the band’s latest post-punk infused offering ‘The War Office’ was released at the beginning of April.

The six-track EP storms onto the scene with groovy number ‘The Drill’, aka a number that has one of the best bass-lines you’ll hear this month – what more could you want? Armed with a bright soundscape, the tracks message is somewhat darker. Inspired by the descent into madness of August Natterer, lyricist and vocalist Chris Remick states, “he had a hallucination of 10,000 images in 30 minutes. To the point where after committal he believed he was the illegitimate child of Napoleon and a ‘redeemer of the world’. This song deals with the instability of the mind and its power over the body to inspire, enlighten but potentially to also destroy.”

Other stand out moments come in the form of ‘Glass’ and its youthful, optimistic nature, and ‘Bloody Mary’, a hectic, unapologetic anthem. Developing a post-punk and electronic persona through, the eclectic nature of Monitors is best described as legendary.

You can follow Monitors on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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