De Wolt – Our Love Is Gone

Neukölln based trio De Wolt are the real deal. Signed to Hypernatural Recordings in Berlin, Germany, this outfit specialise in creating innovative music without being limited to one specific style. The two-track EP is called “Our Love is Gone”, and it illustrates the band declaring their love for music over anything and everything else. From first track ‘Music Hunters’ paying tribute to their musical influences while describing the creative process of putting a song together, the indie infused number doesn’t just stop at indie, it breathes shoegaze, alternative, pop and even new-wave sensibilities throughout.

Danny Kotz of De Wolt states, “The distorted guitar riffs from João brought exactly the energies we needed in order to bring “Our Love Is Gone” to full compilation and to maximize it’s message. We find joy in the process of exploring the fusion between analog electronic synths, and the sonic universe of guitars and digital sound processing realm. This is definitely a direction that we are growing to as well as a live band.”

A sensational two-track EP that clearly steps the band forward into a mature spotlight, “Our Love is Gone” is confident and doesn’t settle for anything less.

You can follow De Wolt on Facebook and Instagram.

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