Meg DeLacy – Love Me Like That

California based singer-songwriter Meg DeLacy‘s music is destined to leave you wanting more. Blending glistening pop rhythms with addictive R&B melodies, Meg’s second single of the year is titled ‘Love Me Like That’. Following in the footsteps of previous, lustful number ‘Body’, the latest anthem is a celebration of romantic relationships. Equipped with intoxicating instrumentation and an upbeat persona, the euphoric number describes finding love and value perfectly.

“It plays with the idea of testing someone’s patience in a playful way”, Megan explains. “This song is right in between flirting with the idea of getting into a relationship and being finally committed.”

A playful single that highlights Meg’s unique vocals, it’ll come at no surprise that Meg has received support from American Songwriter, Wonderland and Out Now Magazine. This intoxicating electro-pop number is smooth.

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