Interview with Billy Mick

I caught up with LGBTQ+ icon Billy Mick, aka a singer-songwriter with layers of character. We chatted about what’s in store for Billy next and his dream gig!

Introduce yourself (yourselves) and your hidden talent!

I am a gay singer songwriter, he/him,  in Orlando. I sing songs about life, love, individuality and equality. I have been with my amazing husband, Brian, for 20 years this year. We love our life together with our senior Boston Terrier rescues, Tiana and Capone!

I guess my hidden talent is making my own jackets? I get these ideas of what I want them to look like and then go to town embellishing! I try to up-cycle as much as possible when I am making a new jacket. I always like to have a sort of, old school glamour to what I wear. When I was about to release my first song, a very talented photographer (Patrick Buckley) wanted to do a photo shoot with me. He had some ideas for locations and such. He started talking about this dirt road and I thought “I need some major bling for this” I wanted something with a ‘Mackie flair’ and had this idea for something white with rhinestones and fringe; because who doesn’t love rhinestones and fringe!? So I made the white jacket, grabbed my grandmother’s blue suitcase and my niece’s guitar, and headed to my first official photo shoot which would become the album cover for my debut album “Just B.” 

What would be your dream support gig? Bonus points for place/venue.

My Dream gig would be to perform at Manchester Pride on the main stage! When we were there in 2018, we got to experience all of these amazing acts on their stages. Each artist’s passion resonated with me and the audience. It was just incredible to see everyone totally digging the music!

That was the moment I decided, “Now is the time in my life to start putting my music out into the world.” To be able to share my music in that setting is the ultimate goal!

What’s the best advice you’d give to your younger self

Honestly, I’d say “Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t change a thing”. Everything I’ve been through and all the choices I’ve made have led me here and I am so thankful I am here. I sing about it all the time; I always take everything that happens in life and figure out what is positive about it – What can I walk away from this situation with, what can I learn, how can I grow? So I would definitely tell my younger self, “Don’t change anything. You are on the right path.”

What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?

I am very excited to do my very first one man show of my music! My show is going to tell the audience about my life through my songs, stories and A LOT of jackets.

We also have the next few music videos planned. Next track out will be “Leveling Up” and I am super excited for that music video!!! I wanna really lean into that 80’s video arcade, black light feel with this one!

Tell MoggBlog viewers about your latest release! What’s the inspiration behind that?

My latest tune is “The Tourist” which was actually the original title for my next album. After listening to everything together, “Leveling Up” just felt like it really summed up the album’s (and my personal) journey. The full album will be out sometime before the end of summer.

“The Tourist” really goes back a couple of years. My husband and I went to Manchester Pride in 2018 and we were so overwhelmed by the amazing sense of togetherness, of community, the love and acceptance; it was the most warmth I’ve ever felt. When we came home, everyday we’d turn on the news and it just seemed like somehow hate had become fashionable. So many people were wearing their prejudices proudly on their sleeve. It was so disheartening to me. I couldn’t fathom how this was happening, it made me feel like I didn’t belong here, like I was The Tourist in this world.

Main photo credit: J Cabranes Photography

You can follow Billy Mick on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and over on his Website.

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