mimi bay – keep it

Multi instrumentalist Mimi Bergman, aka the mastermind behind project mimi bay, is a distinctive songwriter that you need in your life. Armed with vibrance and tonnes of character, Mimi’s new single ‘keep it‘ has already racked up over 7,000 streams on Spotify alone. Telling the intimate story about vulnerability and articulating feelings, Mimi’s trademark sound is accessible and will resonate with thousands across the globe.

Mimi says, ’I wrote keep it like a diary page out of some kind of frustration. I wanted to explain what I was feeling to someone but I couldn’t figure out what I felt and every time I tried to explain, it came out wrong. thought maybe it would make sense in the future so I kept it to myself until I knew what I wanted to do.’ 

‘keep it’ up Mimi, you’re going to be a household name within a matter of months. Bathed in ethereal vocals with a spacious production that reflects the hectic feelings Mimi explores throughout, the pop number deserves fame.

You can follow mimi bay on Twitter and Instagram.

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