Maud – Nobody

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Taken from her forthcoming debut album out in May, Maud is going from strength to strength. Following in the footsteps of previous releases ‘Bad Things’, ‘Baby Girl’ and ‘Alone Together’, ‘Nobody‘ is equipped with a dark-pop soundscape that’s best described as ethereal. Multi-talented not only in the songwriting department but also production too, the empowering new release is a warm gesture towards self-love and defiance.

“’Nobody’ is vulnerable and intimate, but it also substantiates the chaos we may feel inside of us from time to time. Even though the song may come off as distressing, I want the listener to feel empowered and fearless when listening to the track. ‘Nobody’ is the inner voice telling you to stay true to yourself and stop worrying about what others think.” says Maud.

Self-assured and bathed in independence, ‘Nobody’ doesn’t follow any guidelines and makes up its rulebook as it goes along.

You can follow Maud on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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