Tamara Grace – Sad Boys

Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Grace returns with her second single, ‘Sad Boys’. A bewitching single that uses shimmering pop elements to convey it’s story, Tamara’s new single expertly combines her empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals. Not afraid to use music as a form fo escapism, Tamara Grace uses music as a platform to maintain a conversation on mental health, and her personal experiences.

Speaking more on this, Tamara Grace states, “I was often bullied as a child, which made me grow up with insecurities and developing anxiety and depression. Rather than hanging out with friends, I would find myself alone in my bedroom. I’d write my feelings and thoughts down in my journal. It was a safe place, where I had full control of what was around me. I never spoke about my feelings to anyone, including my family and friends so writing was my way of coping with my emotions. Journals quickly evolved into songs and poetry at the age of 8. It started with me using my hands to create a simple beat. And with that alone, I would write a melody.

Soulful and mature, the immaculate sound that Sad Boys brings to the table is astonishing. Captivating and a delight to listen to, Tamara Grace deserves global success.

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