Bad Pop – Destructo

Canadian trio Bad Pop return with their latest offering ‘Destructo‘, and it’s a whirlwind adventure. Charged with fierce melodies and aggressive instrumentation, the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Dark Metal’ out via Killing Moon Records this coming June. Refusing to be labelled to one specific genre, there’s elements of garage rock, pop-punk and glam-rock within the track’s core.

Frontman Chris Connelly says, “Destructo is the skunk at the garden party. A tired, aging punk steeped in negativity. A contrarian, thumbing his nose at society as he stubbornly plows his way down the road less traveled. Fuzzed out guitars, brash with swagger, part Pixies, part T-Rex. Destructo is a punk rock attitude that refuses to grow up. A cool youthful expression of rebellion that fades into a sad bitter shell. Out of shape, crooked teeth and still angry at everything.”

“Destructo” is forever youthful and sounds like an instant classic. Cementing legendary status, Bad Pop are back, and they’re better than ever.

You can find Bad Pop on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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