Mick Dimitri – Take My Hand

Italian singer-songwriter Mick Dimitri could well be the next pop phenomenon, and you heard it here first. Having just released his eclectic debut EP ‘Take My Hand’ on March 19th, the EP features Mick’s signature sound, aka a strong vocal tone and vibrant personality in every track. A four track EP that showcases an ethereal pop soundscape throughout, the best word to describe Mick’s attire is colourful. Completely effortless and drawing inspiration from the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Shawn Mendes, Mick Dimitri first made a name for himself when he joined Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour as one of Ed’s support act.

Talking about the EP, Mick elaborates, “the songs deal with loss or the fear of loss, and they all coexist within the same melancholic universe.”

“Take My Hand” is up there with the strongest release of 2021 and it’s only March. The future for Mick Dimitri is that bright, I’m needing to put on sunglasses while writing this! Brace yourself for impact Mick, your destiny is your name in lights.

You can follow Mick on Facebook and Instagram.

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