May Rosa – Ceasefire Baby

Northern Irish alternative pop songwriter May Rosa affects change in powerful single ‘Ceasefire Baby’. Seeking to educate and inform listeners of the shocking increasing rates of suicide in Northern Ireland, ‘Ceasefire Baby’ channels the heart-wrenching vulnerability of the subject through a captivating vocal and haunting instrumentation.

Speaking of the track and her inspiration to tackle this incredibly painful topic she said,“ ‘Ceasefire Baby’ was born out of complete disbelief, sadness and anger regarding the lack of support, awareness and funding on the suicide epidemic in Northern Ireland. I lived in England for over 7 years and when I brought the NI suicide epidemic up, people had no idea. They were so shocked that it wasn’t more widely publicised. Some people in NI don’t even know the extent of the problem. It unsettles and angers me that an issue so massive can be swept under the rug. There are so many heartbroken friends and families out there, yet we are still losing people to this epidemic every day. Whole
families are dying. Northern Ireland deserves so much better.”

A sensational alt-pop track with an important message that needs to be shared with all your loved ones, ‘Ceasefire Baby’ is as real as it gets. May Rosa is certainly an artist I’ll be keeping close to my heart here on out.

Follow the incredible May Rosa on Facebook and Instagram.

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