David Devant & His Spirit Wife – Demons

Brighton based quartet David Devant & His Spirit Wife unveil moving new single ‘Demons‘, via Kindness Recordings. Ahead of the release of their new album ‘Cut Out & Keep Me’, ‘Demons’ is a disco fuelled anthem that deserves to be stuck on your playlist from this day forward.

The band’s frontman Mikey Georgeson says: “Demons is a joyful spooky disco track that actually feels like you’re putting your demons to bed after a night whirling them round the dance floor. This physical “elan vital” is one way of knocking the stuck record of doubt and depression on the head. in a band there can be so much scope for regret in the maelstrom of media and interviews so returning to the emergence of creative wonder is about working with what is to hand.”

An outfit that are not only talented but important to Brighton’s ever-growing scene, the quartet have announced that all the proceedings from the single will be going to the mental health charity CALM. Talking about the charity, Mikey added, “CALM has always been a really important charity and so using the song to promote its great work is part of our desire to connect through the power of wonder. Turning off the inner critic.”

Showcasing how diverse their sound are, ‘Demons’ illuminates how strong the band’s future truly is.

You can find David Devant & His Spirit Wife on Facebook, on their Website, and on Twitter.

To see and hear the music video and track exclusively, you watch below.

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