Pete Beat – Homesick Night

Newcastle based singer-songwriter Pete Beat returns with his latest offering ‘Homesick Night’, lifted from his forthcoming album ‘Before the War’. Armed with a distinctive vocal that will have you weak at the knees, ‘Homesick Night’ showcases Pete’s charismatic vocals and soars throughout with diverse influences. Not wanting to be limited to one genre, ‘Homesick Night’ caters for lovers of folk, electronica, jazz and pop.

“Aiming for a specific genre just doesn’t appeal to me,” Pete says “I’ll always go for what interests me at the time. I think in the earlier days there was benefit in ‘just doing it’ to build your skills, but after writing and recording 400 or so songs over the last 10 years, now I know to wait for inspiration before sitting down to work.”

“Homesick Night” is an experience best played loud. Pete Beat’s voice is captivating, recognisable and simply unforgettable. Another stand out performance that’ll make you miss live shows even more, I for you, have Pete Beat at the top of my list to see live once this madness is over.

You can follow the singer-songwriter at Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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