Emerging artist Ella Eliza marks the start of a new era with unforgettable single ‘ALONE WITH YOU’. Armed with melancholic storytelling and memorable crafted melodies, Ella’s mission is to make her audience sit, reminisce and most importantly, enjoy. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nao and Omar Apollo, the vibrance within the new single is colourful yet still holds onto a dark soundscape, hitting close to home with it’s reflective message.

Speaking on her upcoming release, Ella states, “ALONE WITH YOU” is not only a love letter to an impactful relationship, but also an ode to my journey towards self-acceptance.”

An empowering single that we can all relate to in someway, ‘ALONE WITH YOU’ is the first single from Ella’s upcoming debut EP. Highly anticipated and something I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for, I recommend you follow Ella on the social media pages below to keep up to date with all her music news.

Find Ella on her Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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