The Awkward – Would You?

There’s nothing awkward about this electrifying outfit. Emerging indie synth-pop band The Awkward release reassuring new single ‘Would You?’ Released on February 12th, “Would You?” explores themes of love and letting go of a relationship after having your heart broken.

Talking about the release, The Awkward mention, “This song was written just before a break-up. Classic huh? It’s about knowing something is not quite right and asking yourself the question: ‘would you be happy if I go?’ It was released around Valentine’s Day for all the lonely birds out there, so they didn’t have to feel alone. We hope and believe many people can relate to these lyrics.”

“Would You?” is coated in a pulsating programmed drum beat, ethereal piano melodies and distinctive vocals. As for the hypnotic guitar tones throughout the piece, ‘Would You?’ is a comforting shoulder to cry on during these trying times.

You can find The Awkward on Facebook and Instagram.

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