News: Killing Moon release latest New Moons Compilation Vol. XIV

Record label, music blog, artist management company Killing Moon team up with some of the finest talent around to release the latest New Moons compilation album. Titled “New Moons Vol. XIV“, the compilation that dropped at the end of January is a cross-genre release fuelled with 17-tracks of energy. Aiming to provide a platform for emerging talent, previous compilations are usually followed by a string of live shows bannered under Killing Moon’s Live ‘Lunacincos’, but due to the current climate, this year ‘Lunacincos’ is a 5 day online festival. With 4 of the days already taking place, the final show is taking place Thursday 18th Februrary and you can buy tickets from here.

“New Moons is about support emerging talent & showcasing talent to the wider music industry. With the current state of the world due to the pandemic, it is crucial for us to provide a platform for artists to push their art when they can’t physically go out. New Moons is made to give listeners the inside tip on who you should be listening to before they become huge.” – Sam Hong, Project Manager at Killing Moon and Curator of New Moons.

A release fuelled with unbelievable talent, the album is something to stick on repeat and sit back, and enjoy.

New Moons Vol. XIV Tracklist

  1. Jools – How Can Someone Experience Pride Without Liberation For All
  2. Spyres – I Don’t Care
  3. Eades – Same Guy
  4. Swim School – How It Should Be
  5. Zoe Graham – Know By Now
  6. THEO – Let This Go
  7. Theodor Black – INDIGO
  8. Tally Spear – City Girl
  9. Artio – Billionaire Nightmare
  10. The New Coast– Silhouette Boy
  11. Bryony Williams – I Can Be
  12. Priestgate – Summ(Air)
  13. Hongza – December
  14. Lili Caseley – C’est La Vie
  15. Old Swing – Stuck
  16. Cousin Kula – Jelly Love
  17. Sølv – Girls Should Be

You can follow Killing Moon on their Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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