Maud – Baby Girl

A previous artist on MoggBlog, Maud music has been making waves for months. Kristine Hoff aka the genius behind pseudonym Maud is a songwriter, singer and producer. Signed to Killing Moon Records, the songwriter returns with her third single to date, ‘Baby Girl‘. Possessing an alternative pop soundscape while exploring uncommon indie grounds, the latest release explores the anxieties of growth, adulthood and the struggle in finding your safe haven.

As Maud summarises: “Baby Girl is an ode to becoming an adult. These stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness, because we don’t know yet who we are or who we’re going to be”.

A prominently electronic track, the hypnotising rhythm of ‘Baby Girl’ is simply mesmerising. Maud’s bewitching vocals is atmospheric and suits the track perfectly. Slightly melancholic yet unveiling an uplifting arrangement, ‘Baby Girl’ incorporates the tracks message with ease, while showcasing Maud’s individuality.


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