Maud – Bad Things

Kristine Hoff aka Maud is a singer, songwriter and producer. Back with her second single to date, ‘Bad Things‘ was released via Killing Moon Records on November 22nd. This Norwegian electro-pop artist creates personal music bathed in emotion. On the track, Maud says, “the track explores a sense of lack of belonging, and a growing feeling of hopelessness.”

Despite being written way before COVID struck the world, the message has taken a new persona and is resonating with people more than ever. Armed with iconic production, hypnotising vocals and a dark-pop sound, ‘Bad Things’ escapes the uncertainty of the current world. With hindsight, Maud offers her current thoughts with “we just have to remember that we’re in this together and that the pandemic isn’t going to last forever. I hope people can relate to this song, knowing they’re not alone in feeling sad or anxious right now.”

“Bad Things” is available to stream on all major platforms, and you don’t want to miss out on it.


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