Taxi With Strangers – Time

Released in August of last year, “Time” is the latest release from alternative indie-rock outfit Taxi With Strangers. Self-released and produced by Heavy Rain Sound Studio, the iconic number addresses how quickly time goes by without us fully being aware. Signed to MLR Management, the outfit have been going from strength to strength with releases, and ‘Time’ fully illustrates their potential. Detailing that all members bring something different to the table within their craft, this is a true band. Sometimes you get bands that let someone fully lead, but it feels that Taxi With Strangers are all about including everyone, and making it a full team effort.

“Time” develops with each listen and comes across as lively, energetic and forever youthful. Something that doesn’t necessarily require your full attention, it’s still an easy-listening track that feels engaging and warm. It’s safe to say that there’s a bright future ahead for this outfit, and it involves their name in lights for sure.


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