Yellowlees – Keepsake

Following in the footsteps of previous single ‘Eliza’, ‘Keepsake‘ is the latest release Yellowlees. Blending romantic storytelling with a mature production feel, ‘Keepsake’ is a bold statement from an artist that refuses to be left on a shelf. Taking centre stage and owning his folk pop craft, the new single showcases an artist destined for world wide exposure.

On the release, Yellowlees mentioned, “I wrote β€˜Keepsake’ right as the UK was heading into lockdown due to the pandemic. The world felt like a very scary place and the situation was changing every minute…it felt like a time where people needed one another. Hell, it still feels like that now! We do need one another; we need to unite, stick together, and try to help each other through the difficult times. The lyrics dive into a situation where people are forced to be apart from one another, but are determined to overcome it, determined for love to win through even in the darkest times. I know it all sounds pretty cheesy, and I don’t normally go for such on-the-nose love songs, but I thought it was probably time I got one out there!

“Keepsake” is something to keep close to your heart and hold there forever more.


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