Savannah Roberts – Lemon & Honey

Singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and filmmaker Savannah Roberts release her debut album ‘Lemon & Honey‘. Entirely written, recorded, filmed and edited throughout lockdown, ‘Lemon & Honey’ features nearly 30 collaborators who remotely contributed to the release. Released digitally yesterday, the album will be released visually on December 8th. Christmas has certainly come earlier this year!

‘Lemon & Honey’ explores nostalgia and memory whilst detailing a coming-of-age story. The 7 tracks recount different factors of youth, each period is bookmarked by an interlude indicating the passing of time.

Savannah’s most heartfelt release to date, ‘Lemon & Honey’ is surrounded by orchestral moments, swirling synths, and folk based instrumentation. Savannah’s vocals are delicate yet soar throughout every track with ease, and commands your full attention. Lyrically, the album weaves through nostalgia, youth and growing up. A story that sees Savannah’s heart on her sleeve, the overall release of ‘Lemon & Honey’ is mesmerising. Stand out moments on the album come from title track angelic ‘Lemon & Honey’, jazz inspired ‘Bookworm’, piano-led ‘Rosy’, heart-wrenching ‘Dear Class of 2020’ and spacious album closer ‘Carousel’.

Set a reminder for the visuals, and make sure to subscribe Savannah’s YouTube channel below!


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