Redwood – Honey Sauce

Redwood returns with exquisite new single ‘Honey Sauce‘. Armed with an uplifting chorus and heart-on-sleeve lyrics, ‘Honey Sauce’ deals with the feelings that come shortly after a break-up. A track that searches for closure, reassurance and also forgiveness, ‘Honey Sauce’ features a soulful performance from Redwood, and could well be her most enchanting track to date.

Speaking about her new release, Redwood mentions, ““I wrote ‘Honey Sauce’ after the end of a relationship which only lasted a few months. I’d cut all contact with that person so I didn’t feel like I’d had any closure; as a result there was lots going on in my head and I needed to get it down on paper! I very quickly wrote the line, ‘I wish you’d get up and move out of my mind’. I got to record this song at Rockfield Studios in South Wales, which was such an amazing experience as the studios have a huge amount of history with other musicians and artists creating music there.”

‘Honey Sauce’ is armed with elevating harmonies, stunning instrumentation and a exquisite chorus. Out today, add it to your playlists, I dare you!


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