Megan Core – Caffeine Fix

Caffeine Fix’ is Megan Core’s reminder to listeners to check on your friends and to check in on yourself, now more than ever. Marking her third release with her authentic approach to songwriting, the single resides in a folk-rock soundscape. Mixed by Sean Cook (Novotone Studios, Newcastle), the track was further mastered by Jack Nigro (The Grove Studios, Central Coast).

Although this track is predominantly about emotional wellbeing, the song lyrics came to exist because I had broken my finger and was (frustratingly) unable to play guitar, which was a big part of my life and work. My sister told me to write a song about it, so I did… and it turned into a discussion exploring physical injury vs mental health, and how they are both so common – but unlike a physical injury, mental health issues can be silent, invisible, intangible and not as comfortably spoken about, which often leaves them unsaid and negatively impacting people’s lives”. – Megan Core

‘Caffeine Fix’ is a powerful extract that channels deep imagery. Folk-inspired with a passion for story-telling, Megan Core’s new single shines beauty in the current, dark time.


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