The Cat Magic – Dovetail Me

The Cat Magic returned with their latest single ‘Dovetail Me’ on August 28th. Offering a unique look into indie-rock, The Cat Magic are known for creating melodically wonderful soundscapes. Part of four tracks that were recorded before lockdown, ‘Dovetail Me’ was recorded at HUMM Studios and Sion Hill.

On their release, the outfit stated, “Dovetail me is set over a tense soundscape that’s atmospheric, dark and racing. Themes of confronting dark corners of the psyche, paranoia and self doubt are eerily crooned using stair-like melodies and spectral guitar picking. The song also highlights the desperation for union and the longing for a central void to be filled.

A breathtaking soundscape fuelled with haunting harmonies, ‘Dovetail Me’ is ethereal and something I’ll be sticking on repeat from here on out.


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