Charlotte Lansman – Water

Bristol born, London based singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman releases indie-pop infused single ‘Water‘. Recorded in between Charlotte’s home and her producer Joe Rodwell’s studio, ‘Water’ is Charlotte Lansman’s debut single. Jazz inspired and filled with genres from across the grid, this soulful number is elegant.

Charlotte states, “This song is about waking up to find my boyfriend has left me. Feeling that moment, and being in that room. The memories still hanging in the air. The stillness of it and the way that such a sudden happening can completely paralyse you. And then the ability to escape – that place, the situation, the room, the town or city even, into the stillness and real solitude of being, in my mind, in water. In a way it’s a juxtaposition between the mayhem of life (or a failing relationship!), and regaining a sense of stillness and perspective in nature – partly inspired by those daily walks in the woods for my daily exercise during lockdown!!

“Water” flows freely with delicacy. If you like the sound of this number, make sure to check out Charlotte’s most recent single ‘Never Forget’ too.


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