Howlite – Stranger

Striking Melbourne based band Howlite uncover unfamiliar ground in enchanting new single ‘Stranger‘. As the final track to be released from the outfits forthcoming EP ‘Not Here’, the electro pop infused track crosses through trip-hop and dark pop foundations. Lead singer Alison Thom wrote Stranger as a reflection on her past relationship with her mother, and explains that the track is “a reaction to depression and how it can make relating to the people in our lives much harder. The chorus is the voice of myself now, coming from a place of understanding, “there are monsters under your bed. I know, I’ve seen them.” But there is a very teenage sentiment of petty rebellion and angst at the core of the song, “you are strange, I can be stranger”. It is the self destructiveness of relationships when we take opposition with people instead of trying to understand them.

A shimmering light within the world’s current darkness, ‘Stranger’ features a soulful performance straight from the heart. Spine-tingling and innovative, Howlite are a trio that think outside the box.


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