MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #22

Ava In The Dark – Delete Us Forever

Released three days ago, Ava In The Dark’s enchanting new single is making heads turn, ears instantly listening and feet taping. Titled ‘Delete Us Forever’, that’s the one thing you won’t be doing anytime soon. A track that’s destined to end up on a party playlist and even something to zone out to, the outfit’s first single of the year is angelic. Ava In The Dark mentioned that ‘Delete Us Forever’ is ‘a nostalgic, synthy-pop track with a driving beat, audacious guitar solos and melancholic vocals reminiscent of the 80s Pop ballad.’

‘Delete Us Forever’ is infused with synth pop sensibilities and a strong head on it’s shoulders. Featuring one of the most fascinating productions you’ll hear all week, the self produced single showcases one powerful vocal tone from lead singer Kiera Bickerstaff. Mixed by two Grammy award-winning mixing engineer Eduardo De Le Paz, this is the collaboration the world needed right now. ‘Delete Us Forever’ includes an imaginative chord progression flows like second nature. A refreshing single that nudges the 80s era, Ava In The Dark have secured a sound that’s entirely their own. ‘Delete Us Forever’ is a mixture of youthful and mature. Growing in the right direction, Ava In The Dark are quickly becoming my new favourite synth pop outfit, and I’m sure they’ll be yours too. 


Second Hand Poet – I Wanna Watch TV

Surrey based singer-songwriter Jamie Tipson aka the genius behind Second Hand Poet unleashes anthem ‘I Wanna Watch TV’. Taken from his upcoming first album ‘An Avenue of Honest News’, there’s nothing second hand about this artist. An artist with flair and that coats personality throughout his content, ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ has been released through Jamie’s own label ‘Pretty Thing Records’. On the release, Second Hand Poet states, “I’ve tried to keep the songs on this record personal and relatable, almost like little stories…true stories though. ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ is about having lots to juggle in day to day life and feeling selfishly sorry for yourself…because in reality a lot of spare time is taken up with watching tv and socialising with drinks.”

‘I Wanna Watch TV’ has a subtle, angst side to it’s arrangement. Indie grunge with a hint of 90’s influence alternative rock, the new single from Second Hand Poet is a track that hits close to home, especially at the moment. Highlighting the same aspects that you’d get in a power ballad, the grunge inspired hit is bathed in impressive vocals, engaging guitar melodies and powerhouse drums. Short but certainly sweet, the track is jam packed with desirable parts that will make you fall head over heels for Second Hand Poet’s discography. Dive straight into Jamie’s repertoire, it’s filled with some absolute bangers. 


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