Fur Echo – Idle Threats

London based alternative indie project Fur Echo unleashes full single ‘Idle Threats‘, off recently released debut EP ‘R‘. Exploring love and living in a 21st century cite life, the track tells the story of eternal and unconditional love.

On the release, Fur Echo stated, “I was born in this city, but I didn’t grow up here for the most part (I spent the first 6 years of my life in North London before returning for uni), so I would describe my relationship with it as somewhat ghostly, ethereal and perhaps overly-romanticised. The early memories from my childhood create a kind of a spectre which I feel especially strongly when I’m in and around the hilly suburbs of North London, and this song is an attempt to express those feelings in the context of clinging dearly onto a romantic relationship in the face of all the challenges of modern city life.

Although I don’t usually tend to say things very directly in my lyrics, to me I think that the song really paints a picture of the claustrophobia one feels when being assaulted from all sides by the barrage of ‘ribbon lights’ which are always ‘plotting out for our demise’, constantly feeling that we have our ‘backs against the wall’. Almost all of my lyrics are written from the subconscious, and I usually have literally no idea what they’re about initially, so it’s always fun to try and deconstruct that from a fresh perspective, and find out what a song’s really about!”.

A technicolour visionary, ‘Idle Threats’ is for fans of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and the Pixies. Taken off the project’s first four releases called the ‘Dark Colours’ series of EPs, ‘Dark Colours’ is loosely based around synesthesia, the phenomenon of seeing sound as colour.

Website: https://www.furecho.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/furecho
Twitter: https://twitter.com/furecho
Bandcamp: https://furecho.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/furecho/

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