The Rezner – The Jive

Adding another string to their ever-growing bow, The Rezner’s latest indie anthem ‘The Jive’ grooves into tomorrow. Showcasing their energetic, fun side, the new single was released July 3rd in time for the warm weather.

Speaking about the track, frontman for the band ‘Sam Stone’ said ‘We like it because whilst it smacks you in the face from the get go. ‘The Jive’ is also a song that you can dance to. Now that might not sound like much but the thing about dancing is that when you’re doing it, you’re completely in your own little world and right now I think people need that little world. Because right now we are surrounded by so much anxiety and fear, it’s nice to be able to give people at least 2 minutes to forget about that. Maybe have a jive, who knows…’

Walking side by side with adrenaline, ‘The Jive’ is bathed in energy, making it one of The Rezner’s best tracks to date.


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