The Rezner – For Myself (Review)

Released via Jam X Recordings on September 20th, The Reznerโ€™s โ€˜For Myselfโ€™ is their most intriguing work to date. After the success of their debut single โ€˜Mickyโ€™, the latest release features an in-your-face rock and roll drive that doesnโ€™t hold back at any point. Over the past year, the quartet have snowballed into their best version and keep continuing their journey to the top. Featuring a driving rhythm and an aggressive attitude, โ€˜For Myselfโ€™ flows with spirit. 

A song to sing whilst the world is slowly going down the pot, โ€˜For Myselfโ€™ was written for our generation. A sense of a freedom, the careless nature fuels the anthem to simply just let go of the toxic around you and to let yourself loose. Radiating positive energy, itโ€™s about leaving behind the problems that shouldnโ€™t have got to you in the first place. Armed with an exceptional single, thereโ€™s no stopping this indie outfit from stardom.ย 

Score: 4/5


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