The Horse Puppets – Sorry For The Inconvenience

Released June 12th, The Horse Puppets return with their debut album โ€˜Sorry For The Inconvenienceโ€™. A band Iโ€™ve been following for a while since the coverage of their track โ€˜Who Are You? (Donโ€™t Look At Me Now)โ€™, the outfit have been adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown by performing as a duo for a weekly live-stream. Known for their infectious sound of blues roots mixed with indie rock, the seven piece bandโ€™s debut album has been on repeat in my household since itโ€™s release.ย 

Kicking off with previously heard single โ€˜Who Are You? (Donโ€™t Look At Me Now)โ€™, this is the first track youโ€™d show to your loved ones when theyโ€™re encountering The Horse Puppets for the first time. A track with attitude filled in all the right places, the first track on the album glides with originality. Suited for a laidback, socially distanced drink in your garden, this has been the soundtrack to my summer evenings for the past few weeks, and it should be yours too. โ€˜Nothing Left to Fightโ€™ enters with a stunning guitar tremolo sequence, that feels like itโ€™s come straight out of an episode of Peaky Blinders. Sounding like the lovechild of Nancy Sinatraโ€™s โ€˜Bang Bangโ€™ and early Arctic Monkeys. A mid-tempo number that flows gently, and is guided through with vocalist Paul and Helenโ€™s soothing harmonies.ย 

โ€˜Natty Anneโ€™ is an upbeat, country infused blues track that will steal your heart with itโ€™s fun-loving nature. โ€˜Which Way To Goโ€™ sounds like itโ€™s come straight out of the noughties, ready for reassurance. An elegant single that showcases Helenโ€™s powerful vocals, the track has become a favourite for The Horse Puppets fans mainly because of itโ€™s passionate message. A track that feels relevant in the current climate of the world, itโ€™s an unforgettable part of Sorry For The Inconvenience.ย โ€˜Breatheโ€™ will get your feet tapping and head bobbing with itโ€™s trip-hop like drum beat. Bathed in contemporary rhythms, this track breathes energy. โ€˜Rosie Rosieโ€™ is transported from the 60s, and sounds like The Doors fronted by a woman. A playful number thatโ€™s easy on the ears.โ€™ People From The Sunโ€™ is a calming number that hits close to home. Short but sweet, it will capture your soul and never let it go.

โ€˜Caught You Outโ€™ sees Paul take the wheel for lead vocals, and stays within the mid-tempo arrangement that most of the album sits within. Easy-listening and a breath of fresh air, this track rolls off the tongue with confidence. Next is their live version of track โ€˜Todayโ€™. Eerie and leaving you suspended, โ€˜Todayโ€™ is a track for your chilled playlist, ready for whenever you need to zone out from the hectic world.ย  โ€˜Open Your Eyesโ€™ finishes the debut album off in true Horse Puppets styleโ€ฆ party time. โ€˜Open Your Eyesโ€™ is a song destined to make you dance around your room, kitchen and anywhere itโ€™s playing.ย 

An unforgettable debut album, that will go down in the bandโ€™s history. 

Also! Big happy birthday to The Horse Puppets member Paul Bytheway, go support this album and band as a happy birthday!


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