The Horse Puppets – Sorry For The Inconvenience

Released June 12th, The Horse Puppets return with their debut album ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’. A band I’ve been following for a while since the coverage of their track ‘Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)’, the outfit have been adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown by performing as a duo for a weekly live-stream. Known for their infectious sound of blues roots mixed with indie rock, the seven piece band’s debut album has been on repeat in my household since it’s release. 

Kicking off with previously heard single ‘Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)’, this is the first track you’d show to your loved ones when they’re encountering The Horse Puppets for the first time. A track with attitude filled in all the right places, the first track on the album glides with originality. Suited for a laidback, socially distanced drink in your garden, this has been the soundtrack to my summer evenings for the past few weeks, and it should be yours too. ‘Nothing Left to Fight’ enters with a stunning guitar tremolo sequence, that feels like it’s come straight out of an episode of Peaky Blinders. Sounding like the lovechild of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’ and early Arctic Monkeys. A mid-tempo number that flows gently, and is guided through with vocalist Paul and Helen’s soothing harmonies. 

Natty Anne’ is an upbeat, country infused blues track that will steal your heart with it’s fun-loving nature. ‘Which Way To Go’ sounds like it’s come straight out of the noughties, ready for reassurance. An elegant single that showcases Helen’s powerful vocals, the track has become a favourite for The Horse Puppets fans mainly because of it’s passionate message. A track that feels relevant in the current climate of the world, it’s an unforgettable part of Sorry For The Inconvenience. ‘Breathe’ will get your feet tapping and head bobbing with it’s trip-hop like drum beat. Bathed in contemporary rhythms, this track breathes energy. ‘Rosie Rosie’ is transported from the 60s, and sounds like The Doors fronted by a woman. A playful number that’s easy on the ears.’ People From The Sun’ is a calming number that hits close to home. Short but sweet, it will capture your soul and never let it go.

Caught You Out’ sees Paul take the wheel for lead vocals, and stays within the mid-tempo arrangement that most of the album sits within. Easy-listening and a breath of fresh air, this track rolls off the tongue with confidence. Next is their live version of track ‘Today’. Eerie and leaving you suspended, ‘Today’ is a track for your chilled playlist, ready for whenever you need to zone out from the hectic world.  ‘Open Your Eyes’ finishes the debut album off in true Horse Puppets style… party time. ‘Open Your Eyes’ is a song destined to make you dance around your room, kitchen and anywhere it’s playing. 

An unforgettable debut album, that will go down in the band’s history. 

Also! Big happy birthday to The Horse Puppets member Paul Bytheway, go support this album and band as a happy birthday!


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