Sipprell – Like We Don’t Care

South London based singer-songwriter Sipprell’s ‘Like We Don’t Care’ marks a new chapter for the artist. The first single from a long anticipated upcoming EP ‘Bad History’, the soulful released was composed alongside George Moore (Banks, Paloma Faith, Kevin Garrett, Lapsley).

Sipprell says,”‘Like We Don’t Care’ is “a song I wrote about my relationship with my mum. Everyone’s relationship is different, but I grew up with a mother that found it difficult to communicate her feelings freely. I naturally mirrored this behaviour in our relationship which left us harbouring resentment for many years & not being able to open up to each other. Ultimately, it’s about wanting to be honest about your true feelings, that behind the walls we put up out of fear, we care more than anything.”

R&B with a twist, ‘Like We Don’t Care’ is Sipprell’s most mature track to date. An exceptional number that weaves through confidence and thought-provoking lyrics.

Score: 4/5


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