CHARLOT – Better When It’s Dark

Bursting onto the scene back in May with her debut single, CHARLOT’s ‘Better When It’s Dark’ fuses indie pop with a stroke of art-pop. With subtle elements of alternative pop meets electronica, the unique number is bathed with originality, and highlights an artist with layers of talent.

CHARLOT mentioned, “This song is about seduction, my love for another woman (LGBTQ+) & giving in to your own grief. The girl I wrote this song about is described as a siren: she seduces me, but then murders me (breaks my heart). The mixture between dark electronic beats and organic strings/vocals illustrates the contrast of fantasy and reality. In the end, I still believe in my illusion: “When I close my eyes, I get to hold you one more time, in my dreams it’s not a crime.” Why write about it? I think this song is special, because it’s not about another heartbreak. It’s about learning to love the misery of it.”

Melancholic but with a seductive nature, ‘Better When It’s Dark‘ is made with one thing in mind… expression.

Score: 4/5


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