Kitty Montague – Yellow Lines

Singer-songwriter Kitty Montague releases a melodic reminder of caring for your own mental health and others in stunning single ‘Yellow Lines‘. With all proceedings being donated to Refuse Against Domestic Violence, the track expresses importance of caring for your own health, as well as your loved ones.

Kitty said, “I initially wrote this song with my Dad in mind who, like many others at this time, carries on working day and night driven by the worry of letting people down. I had a real battle with my emotions. I was incredibly worried knowing that he was overrun with stress, yet equally as angry that he stubbornly persisted without stopping to ‘catch his breath’. These concerns were combined with a conflicting feeling of guilt in my personal, perhaps selfish, emotional state towards his efforts in helping other people.”

This song is for generous hearts that spend their lives selflessly helping others but, in turn, often forget to look after themselves. Carrying a subtle message to Stay At Home, Yellow Lines also resonates with the current pandemic; speaking of all of the sacrifices one would happily make to save someone they love. ”

Score: 4/5


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