The Covasettes – Spin (Review)

The Covasettes – Spin

Manchester based The Covasettes unveil their latest musical wonder ‘Spin’. Marking their first release since summer last year, ‘Spin’ refuses to be ignored and left on a shelf. Wanting your full attention and nothing else, the track also has a B side called ‘Irate’. While Spin is newly refreshing and in a whole other realm to other releases, Irate is a track that’s been in the bands legacy for a while. The revamped classic ‘Irate’ winks to fans that have been there from the very start.

Commenting on Spin, frontman Chris Buxton said: “Spin is a song I’ve loved from the minute I had first written it on an acoustic guitar. It’s fierce and almost old school in its approach and I love it for that. It’s a powerful rock song I think will certainly pound a few ear drums on its release.”

With layers of garage rock in the mix of indie, ‘Spin’ uses heavy guitar riffs while infectious vocals surround the atmosphere. A summer hit that should only be played loud. ‘Irate’ is good old fashioned indie rock with a big attitude and even bigger arrangement. The Covasettes are starting their 2020 releases the right way with an exceptional single and B side. Watch this space, because these guys are set for the big time. 

Score: 4/5


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