Lial – Embers (Review)

Lial – Embers

London based artist Lial’s latest release β€˜Embers’ draws you in with it’s haunting, melancholic arrangement. With a layer of electronic pop in it’s core, the hypnotic number was release back in February ahead of her second EP β€˜Made to Break’, which follows this summer. About the struggle of removing yourself from an addictive yet destructive scenario, the single feels relatable. 

Laced with a dark, yet wistful edge, Lial describes it as β€œthe recognition there is something good that could have been, even as you try to draw a line under it all.” Embers is the first release of Lial’s that I’ve heard and it certainly won’t be the last. Co-written with producer Gregor McWilliam, the track was also mastered by John Davies. With an EP soon to follow, this singer-songwriter is one to watch with a captivating vocal ability.

Score: 3.5/5


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