Post Rome – Different Kids (Review)

Released at the end of February, Post Rome’s ‘Different Kids’ nudges towards iconic bands such as Kings of Leon, The 1975 and Talking Heads. Born and raised in Sunderland, the outfit are proud to make a name for themselves in a place they love. Returning with their first single in two years, ‘Different Kids’ is a lively, bright number that feels relatable to a lot of teenagers and young adults across the globe. 

Melodic and bouncy, the pop inspired number tells the story of being honest and open to each other within the band. On the track, the outfit stated; ‘It reflects on old memories about being young, about having no money but still making the best memories of your lives and is essentially describing how as long as you are living your best life, nothing else should matter.’

Score: 3.5/5


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