Beth Keeping – Two Seats Down (Review)

UK based singer-songwriter Beth Keeping is known for her brave honesty and storytelling in her work. Beth is also a passionate champion of women in music and founded UK movement ‘Write Like a Girl’ back in 2018. Back with a new single, ‘Two Seats Down’ is no exception to her wonderful songwriting and is described as an anthem for long-lost love. 

Keeping says: “It was inspired by a wedding I went to last summer where I found myself sat two seats down from an ex from my university days. The song describes what it feels like to see someone who you were so close to in the past, and now realise you know nothing about their life or how they’re doing. I wrote it in Nashville with my good friend Lauren McLamb and recorded it back in London with producer Kaity Rae – I love how it brings out my Nashville storytelling roots alongside modern pop production.”

A songwriter in her complete element, ‘Two Seats Down’ is a ballad unlike any other Beth Keeping track. Representing the feeling of seeing an old flame years after a break up, the arrangement is comforting and relatable to many listeners across the globe. 

Score: 4/5


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