News: Rookes documents her love/hate relationship with pop music in new YouTube series #popnotpop

Rookes presents a new YouTube series that explores her complex relationship with pop music in #popnotpop. Answering different questions like “why does pop music stress us out so much?”, there’s good news to come with the downside too. As fellow fans, we get to hear about the creation of Rookes’ debut album, which unveils a glimpse to the behind the scene process of the creative process. Rookies mentioned:  “As well as seeing me reveal my secrets as a pop artist who doesn’t in fact always love pop music, you’ll be able to watch me make a pop record in real time.”

With previous releases of Rookes’ detailing honesty and the fearless exploration of queer-female identity, it’ll come as no surprise that #popnotpop is simply Rookes being as honest and true to herself as possible. THAT’s what makes an artist stand out… someone that’s not afraid to go against the rule book. 

Check out Episode One of Rookes’ series and make sure to hit that subscribe button too. 

Rookes’ Social Media

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