News: Rookes documents her love/hate relationship with pop music in new YouTube series #popnotpop

Rookes presents a new YouTube series that explores her complex relationship with pop music in #popnotpop. Answering different questions like โ€œwhy does pop music stress us out so much?โ€, thereโ€™s good news to come with the downside too. As fellow fans, we get to hear about the creation of Rookesโ€™ debut album, which unveils a glimpse to the behind the scene process of the creative process. Rookies mentioned:ย ย โ€œAs well as seeing me reveal my secrets as a pop artist who doesnโ€™t in fact always love pop music, youโ€™ll be able to watch me make a pop record in real time.โ€

With previous releases of Rookesโ€™ detailing honesty and the fearless exploration of queer-female identity, itโ€™ll come as no surprise that #popnotpop is simply Rookes being as honest and true to herself as possible. THATโ€™s what makes an artist stand outโ€ฆ someone thatโ€™s not afraid to go against the rule book.ย 

Check out Episode One of Rookesโ€™ series and make sure to hit that subscribe button too.ย 

Rookes’ Social Media

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