August Veronica Jane – Burning Waiting (Review)

Singer-songwriter August Veronica Jane breaks down boundaries within her music. Featuring an electronica based core while layering a strong, pop essence, her latest single “Burning Waiting” explores into a personal realm. August is from Italy and first started this project in 2018. Being a producer, to add another string to her bow, all her songs were self-produced with the help of four artistic partners. “Burning Waiting” is her third release since August 2019, and her fourth single is on it’s way. 

Creating her own distinctive sound, she tries her best to stick to her own style, regardless of labelling the music under a genre. With influences from Portishead, Radiohead and Massive Attack, the trip-hop nature she portrays in the new single is ethereal, and she’s definitely doing her own thing. Including some moments that feel slightly avant-garde, the best way to describe this number is ‘art’. Colourful yet using a series of monochrome moods, the balance between the shades are enchanting. 

Score: 3.5/5


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