Nervous City Nervous Self – Anthem (Review)

David Josephson aka Nervous City Nervous Self was born and raised in Stockholm and started his music career by declaring “I shall become Sweden’s Cohen or die!”. Starting his journey off with a big declaration in a country that doesn’t support that, he was met with skepticism. Debut songs of Nervous City Nervous Self portrays a wandering singer’s doom and express the feelings of an artist staying committed to his path. Bringing you up to speed, the songwriter returns in November 2019 with his latest single to date “Anthem”.

Anthem suggests an artist sticking to his believes and manifesto, while declaring the commitment of his one man show. Atmospheric and being true to it’s identity, David showcases a beautiful cherishing moment in his career to date that you should always stick to making yourself happy over other people. Minimal and soaring through an electronic soundscape, it’s elegant and fits perfectly in a winter spell. 

Score: 3.5/5


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