LILURA – Nylon (Review)

Jemma Tweedie aka LILURA returns with intoxicating new number ‘Nylon’. Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, the young singer-songwriter grows with every release and has even performed across the UK and LA with her own brand of dreamy electronic-pop. Drawing inspiration from the likes of female current artists Billie Eilish, Charli XCX and Halsey, LILURA’s “Nylon” glistens with female empowerment.

Nylon is a song for girls who aren’t afraid to ‘call the shots’ inside and outside of the bedroom” LILURA explains. “There’s a strength in the female physique and mind. We can be really headstrong but in the past,  we were taught to keep quiet and not to speak about our ambitions or sex lives as it was taboo. I think things are definitely changing and we are becoming confident in voicing our opinions letting it be known what we want. It’s about taking control of our femininity and empowering ourselves, pushing boundaries confidently without worrying what other people think.”

Consisting of a dreamworld of electro-pop, the songwriter dives into a realm of contagious hooks and a chorus that highlights her impressive vocal abilities. Unleashing Nylon into the wild, the track does all the talking you need and showcases an artist doing what she does best.

Score: 3.5/5


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